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A model in layers of Paige Novick rings from her Powerful Pretty Things collection Photo courtesy

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Paige Novick Is Writing Gem Prescriptions

The designer has become Dr. Feelgood with her Powerful Pretty Things

by Marion Fasel

A belief in the power of gemstones is nothing new. Since the dawn of civilization, the ancient Greeks felt gems had healing About_Us_paige_mainproperties. Over time and around the world, various powers have been applied to precious stones and crystals. Leonardo de Vinci once said, “Amethyst dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence.” Tiffany’s esteemed gemologist George Frederick Kunz wrote in his 1913 publication The Curious Lore of Precious Gems, “The onyx, if worn on the neck, was said to cool the ardors of love.”

Today, the mystical connection most people make to stones is as a birthstone. That’s how Paige Novick (in the photo at right) started becoming interested in them. Yet the designer, who is known for her cool fine jewelry and fabulous fashion jewel collabs with Tibi, wasn’t fully in-tune with the gem ascribed to her date of birth. “While my birthstone is opal, emeralds speak to me on a super high-vibey, energetic level” explains the designer. This feeling inspired Paige to go deeper, a lot deeper, into the meaning gems.

Her new collection Powerful Pretty Things was conceived to bring stones and their healing powers to the forefront of the collection. She also wanted to be create chic pieces for people interested in the healing powers of gems. Her tagline is “The intersection between luxe design and well-being.”  “Most of what you see in the category can be a little, well, crafty,” the gracious designer diplomatically says.

The PPT collection has a range of styles, prices and stones. Studs that can be layered up the lobe start around $250. There are stackable bracelets. Single pendant earrings are also transformable. The long pendants can be removed and little hoops worn alone as huggies. A solid choker is the biggest statement piece in the collection.

A model wearing Paige Novick's Powerful Pretty Things stackable bracelets. Photo courtesy

A model wearing Paige Novick’s Powerful Pretty Things stackable bracelets. Photo courtesy

In order to authoritatively explain all the gems properties’ and powers to clients and to fully understand them herself, Paige who is a self-proclaimed bookworm, completed an intensive 200-hour Crystal Light Therapy course and became certified in the field. She is taking her knowledge to in-store events where she will help women choose the right gem prescription. Clients can also set up appointments to work with a gem expert on her team. Ultimately Paige wants to build a community where women share their #StoneStories in the L’Edit section of her website explaining how they responded to the healing properties in gems.

The details on the gems are also laid out in elegant materials created by Paige for her clients.  Emeralds, for example, have the element of water and the notes say, “Wearing emerald encourages one to lead from the heart with trust and openness.  It is a stone of prosperity and abundance.”  Opals are described as a gem of “creativity and happiness.”  They have the elements of earth and water.  The description goes on to add, “Opal, with its rainbow like prisms, is a magical and protective stone. It arouses flashes of insight and intuition to whomever wears it.”

A model wearing emerald hoop earrings from Paige Novick's Powerful Pretty Things collection. Photo courtesy

A model wearing emerald hoop earrings from Paige Novick’s Powerful Pretty Things collection. Photo courtesy

“I believe women will be naturally attracted to the stone that provides what they need,” explains Paige. “My experience with the gems will help them to understand why they are gravitating towards one gem over the other. It’s about choosing with intention, picking jewelry that will act as a talisman and deciding what gem properties you want to manifest in your life.  There is also a great individuality to gems on each woman.  It is similar to the way the same fragrance can smell different on different people.”

Opal, diamond and pearl studs from Paige Novick's Powerful Pretty Things collection. Photo courtesy

Opal, diamond and pearl studs from Paige Novick’s Powerful Pretty Things collection. Photo courtesy

The launch of Paige’s Powerful Pretty Things could not be more perfectly timed as people are looking for style and substance in their jewelry and just about everything else right now. Considering the beliefs can be traced back to the dawn of time, perhaps it is just getting in tune with the eternal faith in the energy of stones.

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